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Cathedral Records and Todd Payne

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Crossroads Marketing, a division of Pamplin Music Corporation, has just announced the addition of Todd Payne to their growing staff of Southern Gospel veterans. Todd will serve as an A & R Director for Crossroads under the direction of Chris White and Mickey Gamble.

"When we were approached about the idea of Todd coming on board as part of the team, it was a very exciting thought for all of us," said Mickey Gamble. "It seemed to be a win-win situation for Todd as well as our company, especially considering how difficult it is to find experienced and proven A & R people," Gamble added.

Todd spent the past nine years helping guide and develop some of the industry's leading artists such as The Cathedrals, The Florida Boys, The Bishops, The John Hagee Family and more. Having his father, the legendary Glen Payne as a mentor, certainly enhanced his knowledge of Southern Gospel Music throughout his life. "Todd's 'broken in' and in our business that's hard to find" says Chris White. "The learning curve is certainly shortened and his ability to impact our company is more immediate. We are thrilled to have him," White added.

Todd's initial duties will be to package and prepare a number of, never released to retail, Cathedral Quartet masters as well as a new solo project on George Younce. Closest to Todd's heart is a brand new solo project on his father which was finished two weeks before he was diagnosed with cancer. However, probably the most exciting part of all is that Pamplin/Crossroads will launch a brand new label to house the new releases called Cathedral Records. Pamplin recently negotiated a long-term lease for the usage of the name Cathedral, which is owned by George Younce and the family of the late Glen Payne.

Todd recalls, "As I was driving home from a busy week at the National Quartet Convention Dad and I were discussing the future of the industry that we both know and love so well, Southern Gospel. I had many ideas, but I wasn't sure how my father would react. Finally, I bit the bullet and asked about the possibilities of there ever being a Cathedral Records. Much to my surprise, excitement and relief, Dad simply smiled and replied, "Son, that may very well be your future someday." I am thankful for the opportunity to honor the integrity and professionalism of Glen Payne and George Younce by creating a label built on the same values and leadership consistently shown by The Cathedrals. It is my desire to see Cathedral Records or any other labels developed by the company to become a resource by which artists can effectively reach people for Christ. It was a very difficult decision for me to leave my position at Homeland after nine years because of my love for the company, it's staff and commitment to grow Southern Gospel Music. It is my prayer that I will carry on this same mission in my new position at Crossroads. Their recent investments in Southern Gospel Music prove to me that they are serious about seeing success in our industry. With the wonderful leadership team including Mike Schatz, Chris White and Mickey Gamble, this is a company that is poised to set a new standard for quality
and leadership in Gospel Music."

Todd has signed a five-year contract with the Crossroads Division of Pamplin Music Corporation. His duties and responsibility will certainly grow as the growth of the company reaches out to greater effect the world with Southern Gospel Music. But for now his hands will be full with the task of launching Cathedral Records, acquiring selected artists and continuing his efforts to have a positive impact on the Southern Gospel Industry. "As we continue to grow our focus in the Southern Gospel genre, it is very important that our company find the caliber of people such as Todd Payne to join our efforts. We are thrilled to have Todd on board," says Mike Schatz, Executive Vice President of Pamplin Music Corporation.

Todd will work from the Pamplin office complex in Franklin, Tennessee though much of his time in the initial weeks will be spent at the Crossroads complex in Asheville, North Carolina, learning the system of operations under the Crossroads Division of Pamplin Music.