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Memories From Jake Hess

From Hesstories (Jake's email newsletter)

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Back in the early eighties I had the opportunity of traveling with dad when he sang with the Masters V. One night I will always remember was a concert at the Joyful Noise Supper Club in Atlanta, Georgia. Hovie had told the boys that he expected them to be on their best behavior seeing as how a large percentage of the crowd would be made up of members from his home church. Things started smoothly until it came time to sing" How great thou art." Hovie played the intro which was to be followed by J.D. Sumner singing the first verse. J.D. heard the intro, new he was suppose to sing, but he forgot what song he was suppose to sing. He made the mistake of looking towards dad for help. Dad whispered "Get Away Jordan." I should pause here to explain to those of you who might not know that "GET AWAY JORDAN," a rocking Statesmen standard, is at the opposite end of the musical spectrum from "HOW GREAT THOU ART." Following dad's lead J.D. leaned forward, braced himself and with all his effort he growled a deep "GET AWAY!" Noticing that none of his fellow Quartet members were following his lead he paused. The silence was deafening. Realizing he had been duped, he turned towards dad and shook his long finger at him ...Dad knew that payback would be coming in a game that he and J.D. had been playing since the 1940's.

Jake Hess, Jr.