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Roger Bennett and George Younce Update

From The Legacy Five Website

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A Letter from Roger Bennett (February 29, 2000)


Here's the latest update on my health.  I've had a little setback.  When I arrived at the hospital I was running a very high fever.  All through the day it kept rising and my chills kept getting more intense.  My doctor decided that we'd better not do the Chemo this week because of my weakened state.  It's been kind of rough.  I had a pretty bad night last night, but I'm much better today.  I just wanted to send you a new update and ask for your prayers!  I need them every day, so if you think of me, say a prayer for my recovery.

It's in times like these that we all are aware of the grace of God in our lives.  I sure could not live without it!  It is more important than air  for me.  If you haven't listened to it lately, get out L5's recording of "That's What Grace is For".  It's fast becoming my theme song!

Love you all very much.

In His Grip! 

Roger Bennett



Just talked to George. He's doing great! Praise God! He's had about 2 weeks of "good days". The doctors are working hard to get his condition under control. George loves you all and asks that you continue to pray! Our prayer is that one day we will all hear that incredible voice on stage once again!

Hang in there George.